Proud to serve businesses and governments

Proud to serve businesses and governments

Proud to serve businesses and governments

Change management made easy

Change is hard and therefore it can be challenging to reach your strategic goals. By using the Bizaline software you are able to easily structure your change programme and be in control of your programme all the time.

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3 steps to successful programme delivery

Change at every level

Our bespoke software for programme management offers tools that cover your every need.

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Board members

“How do we ensure that a strategic change registers at every level of our organisation, and how can we clarify its significance to all our employees?”

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Programme managers

“How can I reduce the amount of time that I spend chasing my team for status updates?”

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Project manager

“How can I deliver my projects on time and within budget, while reducing stress and e-mail traffic?”

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What our customers want to share with you

When we first started using Bizaline, my team was dealing with a uniquely complex programme with many stakeholders to manage. There was a lot of pressure, because timely delivery was essential. All locations were required to consistently report status updates, so the board could make the appropriate choices.
At first I was hesitant to get started with the software. The programme was already running and I was afraid we’d incur delays if people needed to learn how to use the software. However, it turned out to be easy to use and Bizaline’s team helped us quickly upload our existing progress reports into the software.

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Built on proven practices

Bizaline combines a variety of established and evidence-based change management practices, taking OGSM as its core starting point.

Our software is designed specifically to deal with the challenges of change management. Our OGSM software allows you to visualise your change or business plan on a single page, constantly keeping your objectives, programmes and projects in view throughout the implementation – carrying Agile working practices all the way to Board level. Based on methodologies like Prince2 and EFQM, we evaluate the most effective answers to business challenges. This means our software offers an on-the-job training, built on proven principles to professionalize organizations.

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